Las Puertas Community School

Enrolling Now for August 2014

Las Puertas Community School,
a tuition-free public charter school,
opens this fall with grades 6-8.

Where YOU Belong

First day of school is Aug. 5.
Get information for families here.

Las Puertas Community SchoolLas Puertas Community SchoolLas Puertas Community SchoolLas Puertas Community SchoolLas Puertas Community School

what is las puertas?

Las Puertas opens the doors to children’s futures by setting them on the path to college readiness.

The road to being ready for college is built on:

  • Starting early
  • Smaller classes
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • College ready curriculum
  • 20 additional days of instruction
  • Tutors
  • Parent involvement
  • A promise of excellence
  • A school that builds on children’s strengths
    so they maximize their potential

Choose a brighter future for YOUR child and enroll her or him in Las Puertas TODAY.

Governing Board Meetings

All public notices of Governing Board Meetings will be posted on this website and
at the offices of StrengthBuilding Partners/Las Puertas Community School
at 1051 N. Columbus Blvd., Suite 103.

Next Scheduled Meeting

Date: September 18, 2014
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Las Puertas Community School, 4560 S. Coach Drive

Open Houses

Learn more about Las Puertas Community School.
4:00-6:00 p.m. September 2 and 9
2:00-4:00 p.m. September 20 and 27

Our Mission

The mission of Las Puertas is to establish a learning community which assures that all students are college ready, successful in their postsecondary endeavors, and contributing members of the community.

why now?

We know that the keys to creating a positive learning environment are to:

  • Have high expectations of our students
  • Present them with information that is relevant to their lives
  • Have a positive, StrengthBuilding relationship with them

We also know that people succeed better when they:

  • Are encouraged to discover their strengths (what they are good at)
  • Use their strengths
  • Feel the power that learning brings

Our approach to education is designed to respond to all of these and create a learning environment that is highly rigorous, relevant to the lives of our students and where StrengthBuilding relationships are the norm.

Las Puertas Is a StrengthBuilding™ Program
of StrengthBuilding™ Partners

StrengthBuilding is a process for working with people to create positive change and achieve their goals. StrengthBuilding changes how people relate to one another.
It teaches us how to focus on what the individual can accomplish, how strengths
can be used in positive ways.

Everyone is born with strengths. Sometimes that’s hard to remember when all we ever talk about is what’s wrong with our world and the people around us. StrengthBuilding challenges us to focus on the strengths of the individual…on our own strengths.

At Las Puertas, StrengthBuilding will define how school staff interacts with students, families and each other. The school will be a place of warmth and support. We will have high expectations for everyone, staff and students alike. We will help you to accomplish your goals and be as excited as you are when you do!


get involved

Please join us as we create and embark on all aspects of the school: curriculum, school climate, family involvement, community partnerships, college and business connections. We want your ideas and your talents as we shape this remarkable learning community.

How you can help:

Join the Design Team:

Be a member of a design team to help shape the direction, curriculum, facility and operation of Las Puertas. Call Pam Cornell at (520) 546-9296 for information.


  • Join us for our fundraising events - learn more at, click on "events"
  • Give the gift of time as a mentor, tutor, or expert in the field
  • Provide resources to support our teachers and students
  • Name us for your tax credit donation at, click on "donate"

Join Our School Team:

Consider joining our exceptional staff. For information on employment opportunities please contact Pamela Clark-Raines at (520) 546-9296.


Interested in coming to Las Puertas or sending your child to us? We are interested in you!

We are enrolling now for the 2014 – 2015 school year. A simple phone call will start the enrollment process. We have English and Spanish speaking staff available to answer all your questions.
Call us at 546-9296.

We are looking forward to speaking with you and providing more details regarding Las Puertas.

In accordance with A.R.S. § 15-183.F,
parents are hearby notified that the resumes of all staff
at Las Puertas are available for review upon request.


contact us

We welcome your inquiries!

Contact us for more information about:

  • Employment
  • Getting involved
  • Enrollment
  • Strengthbuilding